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An Ardennes plastics industry to the size and human values


Expert Injection and Bi-injection since 1997, the company CEVA Technologies is involved in many sectors of activity for which it carries out technical parts and parts of areas: Automotive, Industry, Building, Energy, Rail, Lighting, Medical Mechanics, Outdoors, Recreation, Packaging Vineyard Aquarium. We know process all existing thermoplastics

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Creation of CEVA, activity starts with 4 injection presses

9001 Certification ISO

Buying a fifth injection molding

Purchase of a 420 T press to produce dimensional plastic parts higher. The workshop offers 9 presses.

Robotic automation of existing resources through the purchase of machinery at the cutting edge of technology, increasing productivity

Starting the bi-injection activity and equipment of a second machine SEPRO ?

Expansion of the workshop plastics, tooling and injection activities are now in workshops dedicated

the park machine continues to expand with the purchase of a second bi-injection molding and a first tri-injection Releases

Purchase of our third bi-material press in

Purchase of our fourth bi-material press including packaging and assembly of metal inserts

Extension of plastics building: + 500m²

Construction of a building dedicated to the logistics of 1200m²

Our company remains in motion and 2017 promises a year of major changes (robotics, additional certification, machine stock investments). CEVA whole team works together to realize its best ideas.

CEVA continue to invest this year, especially with the implementation of a new 6 axes robot arm, also a new fusing machine & a snap-riveting. The compagny take an approach of digital communication more further with new YouTube videos to make people discover innovations and new social media as Twitter.

Our Business in a few figures

million pieces produced per year
% sales revenues invest per year
million euros of turnover
Tons of materials injected annually
Injection presses
% confidence renewal
years experience

Our Asset : Our People

Because our business is primarily a structure that works through his men, CEVA Technologies relies on a participative management and gives value to the words and ideas of its employees. Values the man at the heart of business

Our professional staff is committed to you in an ethical approach to maintain quality relationships and mutual satisfaction in a continuous improvement approach.


  • Look All in the same direction: collective vision scope to the future
  • Transparency
  • Listen and adaptability
  • Reactivity, efficiency
  • Respect for human values


  • Satisfaction
  • Customer
  • Staff
  • And sustainability of the structure

Our pillar : Training

The training of our team is an essential element in our corporate policy. Each employee has the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out its functions but also to respond to changes related to the company and the market.

Meetings are held monthly to allow everyone to express his creativity. This idea of dissemination activity has been introduced as part of continuous improvement we seek. Our most relevant ideas are retained and carried out within our company.

The quality of CEVA

ISO 9001

Actions by our quality service as well as regular monitoring of our entire production workshop are sure you complete respect of your requirements.
In addition, we also work with ISO 9001 and are committed to a continuous improvement in order to fully satisfy you.

ISO 14 001

CEVA tends to strengthen its quality management system with a commitment to achieve ISO 14001 certification in 2017. This future approach regarding the establishment of an environmental management system. The ISO 14001 standard aims to help companies manage the impact of their activities on the environment and to demonstrate the effectiveness of their management.

ISO TS 16 949

Another project would also obtain certification ISO TS 16949 technical specification for the automotive sector. It incorporates additional requirements specific to the automotive sector and follows that of ISO 9001, already followed daily.


 lean manufacturing is based on the continuous improvement of production processes, reuse of waste material and a zero waste goal and the optimization of production. This concept developed by Toyota must achieve three objectives: profit, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

In 2011, CEVA TECHNOLOGIES appealed a specialist consulting firm in improving production and business performance to implement a lean manufacturing strategy.
Lean success keys are human. The motivation of our team and their acceptance of change has enabled our successful transition to lean and good conduct in everyday life.

lean manufacturing - CEVA Technologies - injection - bi injection - tri injection


The economic imperatives of certain sectors have enabled us to offer our customers one second DEETAPLAST manufacturing solution in Serbia.

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