March 2020

CEVA TECHNOLOGIES recycled and bio-sourced materials

CEVA TECHNOLOGIES is a company renowned for its knowledge of recycled and bio-sourced materials. Benoît Coutier, how did you come to be working with these materials?

Recycled materials and bio-sourced materials are two completely separate groups of materials. We have been using recycled materials since the company started production in 1997. The different industrial sectors we work for are particularly keen users of these materials, which offer an immediate economic benefit, without affecting the mechanical performance of the parts or used in proportions acceptable to our clients. With our experience in this field, we have access to regular supplies of materials of consistent quality from controlled sources, with no risk of disruption to the supply chain. We can therefore process these materials under similar conditions to high-quality raw materials.

This was a real discovery for biomaterials. The whole value chain was learning at the same time as us how to use these materials that we would never have thought of!

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