Ceva Technologies

A plastics company on a
human scale and with human values
based in the Ardennes

CEVA TECHNOLOGIES has been an expert in injection and bi-injection moulding since 1997, producing parts for a range of sectors including: Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, Railway, Luminaires, Paramedical, Mechanical, Childcare, Leisure, Packaging, Wine-producing, Aquariums. We are experts in the processing of traditional thermoplastics (PA, PP, ABS, PE) and biomaterials (PLA, PHA, etc.).

1997 - 2007
2004 - 2012
2012 - 2016
2017 - 2019


million parts produced annually


% of turnover invested annually


million turnover


T of materials injected annually

Our assets


Because the structure of our company relies above all on our human assets, CEVA TECHNOLOGIES takes a participatory approach to management and values the views and ideas of our employees. People are at the core of our company.

Our trusted team of professionals will work with you to establish quality relations to achieve mutual satisfaction and maintain continuous improvement.

Our strength


A collective vision focused on the future
Listening and adaptability
Reactivity, efficiency
Respect for human values

Our goal


Sustainability of the company

Our cornerstone

Training .

The training of our team is a vital element of our company policy. Every employee has the skills and knowledge required to do the job and also to respond to changes within the company and in the market.

Monthly meetings are held so everyone has a chance to have a say. This sharing of ideas was introduced as part of our drive for continuous improvement. The most promising ideas are then taken up and applied within the company.

Ceva quality .

ISO 9001
IATF 16949
ISO 9001

ISO 9001

The work of our Quality Department together with regular inspections of our whole production site provide the assurance that we are meeting all your requirements.
We also work to ISO 9001 and are committed to a policy of continuous improvement for your complete satisfaction.

IATF 16949

IATF 16 949

CEVA is certified to IATF 16949, a technical specification for the automotive sector. It incorporates additional requirements for the automotive sector and includes the requirements from ISO 9001, which are already applied in our day-to-day operations.


Lean manufacturing is based on the continuous improvement of production processes, the reuse of waste material and a zero-wastage target for optimisation of production. This concept developed by Toyota aims to achieve three goals: profit, client satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

In 2011, CEVA TECHNOLOGIES called in a consultancy firm specialising in improving the production and performance of companies to introduce a lean manufacturing strategy.
The key to the success of this approach is the human factor. The fact that our team was motivated and ready to accept change meant that we could successfully introduce and apply lean manufacturing in our daily operations.


– Plan
– Analyse
– Understand the underlying causes of the problem


– Validate the generalised solution
– Start another cycle in the context of continuous improvement


– Identify the solutions
– Validate them using a pilot


– Verify the results
– Measure and evaluate the improvements


To develop our business internationally, our sales office based in Germany places us close to our major clients.


Machines tools: Mono injection: 6 machines: 100 t / 120 t / 150 t X 2 / 160 t / 250 t

IATF certification

This production site offers solutions for injection-moulded parts with finish or assembly, or for sub-assembly fabrication. A logistics loop is established to provide high reactivity with France or Germany.

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