Research & Development.

Focus on technology and materials.

Our main areas of focus are :


This is currently a small but growing sector.


The latest generation of environmentally-friendly machines and robots + collaborative and coexisting robots.

Digital solution

Industry 4.0 – Workshop supervision.

Material functionalisation solutions

Fluorescence, Perfume, Anti-counterfeiting, Antibacterial, Electromagnetic shielding, Electrical conductor, Thermal conductor, Magnetisable, Photochromic, Photoluminescent, Thermochromic, etc.

Draft design.

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to incorporate all the development stages for your industrial product?
Our teams are at your side to help structure this process: designing your parts, helping with the funding of your project, producing models or operating prototypes, etc.

Project assistance.

Our design office can assist with your parts development projects. It will provide the best industrial solution in terms of quality, cost-efficiency and timescale.
CEVA TECHNOLOGIES can bring its expertise and know-how to the design and development of your project. Testing and inspection will take place at each stage of your project to ensure that the parts meet your expectations exactly.

Digital simulation.

Topological optimisation + Rheology + Cycle time optimisation

Digital simulation offers a number of advantages, such as material and weight savings through optimised fiber orientation distribution, selection of the most suitable feedstock for the project, improved design through the anticipation of the mechanical properties of the part, and fast-acting expertise.

Our experts carry out filling and post-moulding deformation studies on the premises using Moldflow and CADMOULD.

Prototyping & 3D printing.

3D printing offers many solutions throughout the development of a product and fits perfectly into our strategy of supporting our customers in the project phase.

This technology gives you the possibility of obtaining a true rendering of your part before its launch in series.

It materializes a stage in the evolution of your project.