Plastic injection

With its location in the Ardennes, within a department and an area historically centred on metallurgy, CEVA has succeeded in placing thermoplastics materials as a real, practical alternative to metals.


As a specialist in plastic injection moulding for 20 years, we are most experienced in mono injection. Over the years, we have also successfully developed other technologies such as bi and tri-material injection and also overmoulding.

Notre équipement :

1 110-t press1 200-t press1 250-t press1 320-t press


Injection of two different materials simultaneously or sequentially from the same press and the same tooling, offers you the possibility of combining materials with specific technical and/or aesthetic characteristics on the same part.

We offer different technologies for these 2 types of injection:

  • Rotary mould
  • Rotary press table
  • Part transfer by robot: 2 presses working in “tandem”.

Notre équipement :

1 x 110 t press1 x 200 t press1 x 250 t press2 x 320 t presses

Peripheral equipment.

As part of our drive for post-production optimisation, all our resources have been optimised to achieve maximum performance for our organisation: tools with in-line hot runners or granulators, Cartesian or six-axis robots on all our machines, sorting conveyors, etc.


of metal and plastic

Overmoulding is a process for combining several materials in a single injected part in the same mould. New functionalities can be added to the part by using several different materials.


Overmoulding can be used to provide protection for the overmoulded insert or a two-colour plastic part by combining two materials with a rigid part and a soft part.


This process gives an optimised cycle time and removes the risk of contamination between the different operations, and the different materials adhere together perfectly.


Overmoulding is performed in our works either manually or by robot using two presses operating in tandem.