Our finishes

To go further in achieving your parts, we offer various customized finishes to go through with your plans.

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Mass production

Metal inserts

some plastic parts can be added metal parts technical purpose.


small series – our production operators assemble the various pieces composing your final piece



Specific packaging can according to customer demand. Our equipment allows us to provide a packaging complies with the requirements of our various business segments: Protection products / Automatic packaging of feed products with production / Counting and automatic cardboard robot.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving reproduced texts, logos or patterns on your parts. During the laser engraving, the surface of the material is melted and vaporized with the laser. Severe laser beam line at the top layer of the material. It generates clean cutting edges and fine details..

Pad Printing

We are able to add logos on your parts with maximum dimensions of 80x200mm, to graduate them and customize them in different colors through our marking machine by buffering.

Ultrasonic welding

rapid technical, economic, and sustainable, it allows for junctions plastics with simple welds in volumes or flat, made possible by vibration. It guarantees you a clear and clean assembly between the two existing thermoplastics.

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