April 2018

Plastic welding, riveting and thermofusing – CEVA TECHNOLOGIES

CEVA TECHNOLOGIES continues to invest in plastic welding

Faced with increasingly demanding projects and with an eye to continuous innovation, CEVA is continuing to invest in new technologies, such as riveting and thermofusing.

Welding can be used to join two plastic parts together, but in our applications it is usually a case of joining an injected part and a metal insert.  The two methods we currently use differ in their technology and provide different solutions:


Generally speaking, ultrasonic welding is the most advanced method for welding plastics in an industrial context. Riveting is a method for working plastic whereby the section of the plastic is increased to an exact point to achieve a specific form.

This can be done in two different ways:

  • By assembling two thermoplastics
  • Or by assembling a thermoplastic with another material (e.g. metals like aluminium)

It is this second method that we use in our applications. This involves modifying the plastic part locally in order to add a cylindrical projection.

The part shown below thus has two such projections that, once fused, will hold the insert in place.

Welding by thermofusing

Hot welding, also called thermofusing, is an industrial process for joining plastic parts with a low transformation temperature to a metal insert.  A few precautions need to be observed: the insert must be completely free from grease to maximise the grip between the two assembled parts.

This alternative technique gives us greater flexibility for meeting our clients’ requirements.

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